Drastic Prelude changes imminent

davean davean at xkcd.com
Tue Feb 3 16:30:57 UTC 2015

> It seems to fall into the "too little, too late" category: the benefits it
> brings are not massive due to my three points above, and the disruption
> introduced to the ecosystem is potential massive.

 I agree that it is too little. There is a lot of brain damage in the
prelude that really should be fixed. I don't think its too late though, we
can start making forward progress with changes like this. Yes we need many
more, but I think there is hope for redemption.

We will want to work on our approaches to the upgrade path but several good
ideas have already been put forward and tooling can be improved for the
people who insist on long backwards compatibility periods.

Personally, I'd like to see a cleanup of each section of the prelude, its
seriously holding us back.
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