Pre-proposal discussion: add a version of dropWhileEnd with different laziness properties to Data.List

Bardur Arantsson spam at
Mon Sep 29 21:50:35 UTC 2014

On 2014-09-29 23:31, Greg Weber wrote:
>>> Do you mean system-filepath [1]?
>> No.  The api is ok, but performance is terrible because everything is a
>> String.  Traversing large directories in Haskell is orders of magnitude
>> slower than it should be (unless you use posix-paths, which obviously isn't
>> portable).  I mean something that internally uses a RawFilePath on posix
>> systems and some windows-specific thing on Windows.
> I don't know how to reconcile this statement with how find-conduit was
> benchmarked to operate about as fast as GNU grep since it uses
> system-filepath. I am probably missing something important.

I'm not seeing exactly what "grep" has to do with "find"...?

Did you mean to compare GNU find with "find-conduit"?


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