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> Better perhaps to do something like the following:
> "The core libraries are a subset of the packages in the Haskell Platform.
> Many core libraries define basic APIs that are expected to be available in
> any Haskell implementation. A second set of core libraries are coupled
> tightly to the Glasgow Haskell Compiler but nonetheless managed through the
> core libraries process, as they are considered core functionality in the
> GHC Haskell ecosystem.”
> Additionally, the libraries committee may want to more explicitly seperate
> the two lists? If we do ever have a new libraries section of a Haskell
> report, I imagine, e.g. it may well mention directory and process, but not
> ‘ghc-prim’.

I would argue that implementation specific libraries do not belong in the
core libraries list. Instead, perhaps the libraries committee should state
two functions: maintaining the core libraries list, and acting as the
community interface/liaison for libraries specific to implementations. The
implementations themselves should (and indeed must) maintain their
implementation libraries lists; but to the extent that the community
affects and is affected by these lists, the libraries committee is
empowered to act on behalf of the community.

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