Proposal: change the Bits instance for Bool to align with other basic types and support branchless calculations

Carter Schonwald carter.schonwald at
Mon Sep 29 00:13:39 UTC 2014

I'd actually consider that "spine lazy" definition
instance Bits x => Bits [x] where
  xs .&. ys = zipWith (.&.) xs ys
  xs .|. ya = zipWith (.|.) xs ys

to be the proper "short circuiting" definition, because it has the minimal
work complexity and just a nice lifted version of the pointwise boolean /
bitwise operation.  the "is this all True/1s" lifted version doesnt seem to
provide a good work complexity bound (seems all or nothing).

Otoh, my stance might be a bit heretical or subtley wrong :), NB that I do
undersand that unlike the "batch" short circuit, this one would fail if the
right hand side was "undefined / error", but thats ok :)
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