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> on the library submissions page on the Haskell wiki it says: "The core
> libraries ... define basic APIs that are expected to be available in any
> Haskell implementation."
> Is this list of those core libraries and their maintainers up-to-date:
> I am asking, since GHC 7.8.3 also includes:
> * binary
> * bytestring
> * filepath
> * haskeline
> * hoopl
> * integer-gmp
> * terminfo
> * transformers
> But they are not core libraries. Is that correct?

There is a difference between the libraries needed to provide a core usable
Haskell installation, and the libraries required for a particular Haskell
implementation (in this case ghc) to provide basic functionality. For
example, integer-gmp is an artifact of how GHC implements bigints, and
haskeline and terminfo are required for ghci's line editing. We generally
distinguish between "core libraries" and "GHC bootstrap libraries"

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