PROPOSAL: re-export 'Typeable' type-class from Prelude

Henning Thielemann schlepptop at
Thu Sep 11 13:34:18 UTC 2014

Am 11.09.2014 um 12:20 schrieb Herbert Valerio Riedel:

> Since at this point it's become current practice to have 'Typeable'
> instances for most types, it would be beneficial to save an 'import
> Data.Typeable (Typeable)' line for the sole purpose of deriving such
> instances.

I have still no use for these Typeable things. Additionally I am tired 
of moving so many things to Prelude. My preference would be that it 
becomes practice to use the module system, instead of simulating a 
non-modular language by putting everything into Prelude.

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