bedandbreakfast needing a release

Mike Meyer mwm at
Wed Sep 10 18:20:15 UTC 2014

I've got a library that needed some simple matrix computation, so I added
the bedandbreakfast package. While my library builds fine on both 7.6 and
7.8, the last released version of that package won't build on 7.8. However,
the current HUB was update a couple of weeks ago, and now builds on 7.8.

Is there some way to capture that information in a cabal file? That if
you're using GHC 7.8, you need bedandbreakfast >= 5.*, but for GHC7.6 you
can use bedandbreakfast >= 4.*?

I did send an email to the maintainer a little over a week ago asking if he
could do a release, and haven't gotten either a reply or a release.

Any suggestions on what I should do about releasing the updated version of
my library?
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