Gearing up (again) for the next release: 2014.2.0.0

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Wed May 28 14:19:45 UTC 2014

> OK, well, I felt I didn't completely understand almost any of them.
> So I thought the issue tracker would be a good place to clarify them.

That's quite fair. I'll try to be better.... I admit that the TO DO is my
dumping ground for half-baked thoughts when I'm in the thick of coding.

> More importantly - I'd like to know what the most important bottlenecks
> are for getting the next HP out the door, and what are some
> good places to jump in to help with that.

Bottlenecks in the new build:

   - The new build needs to be tested on linux. The build has a generic
   linux build that produces a system image under build/target but then I
   don't know how (or if) particular distributions would use that to build an
   os specific distribution package. You can follow the code in htptool/src/OS
   for how I did this for Mac OS X.
   - Mac OS X build needs a pile of scripts and static files added - this
   is so mostly, after the installer is run, the target system has symlinks in
   all the right places, and the user sees the welcome .html file. I'm in the
   thick of this one (but it is tedious and slow work as testing it is a huge
   pain involving multiple machines!)
   - The website needs to be templatized and built from hptool - template
   generate web site · Issue #92 ·
   - The master haddock generation needs some hard love: I don't think that
   the internal links are all correct -- though perhaps this isn't crucial. In
   particular, I worry that the links from platform package to ghc packages
   are wrong.
   - The package list and versions need general agreement

everything else is minor and doesn't need to happen to get a release out.

Something that isn't a bottleneck, but would be a HUGH boon to HP
development would be continuous build · Issue #94 ·

- Mark
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