'temporary' package

Simon Marechal simon at banquise.net
Thu May 15 07:32:20 UTC 2014

On 05/12/2014 03:46 AM, John Meacham wrote:
> I pull out code I wrote myself just 3 years ago and find it can't build on a
> sligthly newer version of the same compiler, yet C code, written to a 20
> year old version of the language on a different OS with a different compiler
> still adapts and works out of the box. We have somehow made a more messed up
> dependency situation than C has.

I routinely can't build C code because I don't have the right version of
a library installed, and have to tweak things hoping for the best. This
happens just about every time I need to package something for an "older"

20 years old C code would probably not suffer from this because it would
most likely only depends on libc.

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