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+1 to this.

I have 1-2 pieces of pretty subtle code where I'm better off having private
copies of standard transformers machinery than using the versions on
hackage because I need pretty stringent guarantees about when inlining will

On Sat, May 10, 2014 at 2:11 PM, Gershom Bazerman <gershomb at gmail.com>wrote:

> On 5/10/14, 1:15 PM, Edward Kmett wrote:
>> I just want to say that I personally find this thread an the the similar
>> "sky is falling" discussion about Lennart being on vacation for 2 weeks to
>> be alarming and far far too hasty.
> A huge +1 to all of this.
> The worst/best thing about maintaining packages that people care about is
> that people expect because you've done work they rely on, you have
> committed to be on-call tech support.
> I understand that Max did a bunch of very important work, then became
> occupied with other things in the world. And in the long term, that needs
> to be sorted out. But in the short term, a four-day-notice policy is silly.
> And furthermore, even though there's nothing _wrong_ with forking
> promiscuously, it tends to create a mess, to no good end.
> Finally, I want to note that it is worthwhile to go and read the code of
> the temporary package. It fits in less than a page, and consists of a few
> functions that, while somewhat subtle, are each "conceptually" one-liners
> and only in fact take four or so normal sized lines of code.
> Clearly, the easier path, if that library breaks on you, is to copy and
> paste the relevant functionality.
> For all the concerns about package stability, we should also perhaps
> recognize that introducing new dependencies in your own code will also
> always carry a cost, and sometimes the easiest thing is just to not
> introduce that dependency.
> --Gershom
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