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I just wanted to say that this whole thread is close to scaring me off
*ever* putting a library on Hackage. I have worked in free software
for quite some time, and let me assure you that it's not common
practice elsewhere to hijack software if the maintainer does not
respond for four days.

Forking is OK, that's a freedom afforded to us by free software. But
if Hackage ever adopts a policy in which it's OK for someone to hijack
libraries if the maintainer is unable to respond in four days, I'm
definitely keeping my software away from Hackage.

I agree completely with Jake. This is all a big nonsense to me.

As a sidenote: Just recently a maintainer of a program I'm a developer
of did not respond in a couple of days. Turns out his mother had died.
Imagine if he came back and had to go through a bunch of red tape to
get back maintainership, because someone couldn't wait four days. How
absolutely demotivating and frustrating. Then he checks his email to
find a thread on the software's mailing list, with "there's no good
reason why a package should remain broken for more than a day".
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