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> Hey All,
> Dataenc is needed for building darcs, and currently doesn't build on 7.8
> without some  easy patching (i'm also trying to mod the tesing code to use
> the cabal test suite support but that doesn't seem to work). I couldn't
> find a repo online so i started one here

The "official" repo can be found at

> @magnus, Are you still game for continuing to maintain it? (the hackage
> docs indicate that you have uploader acls but also that theres no
> maintainer per se and theres no repo online)
> thoughts?

I disowned it quite a while ago and can't say I'm very interested in
picking up formal maintenance again.  I wouldn't mind accepting a
pull request and uploading a new version to Hackage as a one-off

As Vincent pointed out I consider sandi[1] to be the replacement of
dataenc.  The API is similar enough that it should be trivial to
modify darcs to use sandi instead.  If it turns out to not be trivial
I'm very likely to look at that as a bug of sandi itself. :)



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