adoption or NMU for arithmoi

Daniel Bergey bergey at
Thu Mar 13 16:43:18 UTC 2014

The arithmoi package[1] does not build on GHC 7.8.1, and the maintainer
does not appear to be reachable.  diagram-contrib[2] depends on
arithmoi, which is why I and others have been working on this.

Brent reported the build failure on 2013-12-23[3].  Carter Schonwald and
I wrote a patch[4] mid-February.  After Austin Seipp provided
ghc-prim-compat[5], I wrote an new patch[6] using that module.  Daniel
Fischer, the author of arithmoi, has not replied to either pull request,
nor to an email I sent him a week ago today.

Unless someone knows other channels by which to reach Daniel Fischer,
I'd like to request that someone upload my patched version of arithmoi
to Hackage.  I'm not sure how this process usually works; are there
other steps I should take?

Thank you,







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