At long last: 2014.2.0.0 Release Candidate 1

Sven Panne svenpanne at
Thu Jul 24 11:22:28 UTC 2014

2014-07-24 10:25 GMT+02:00 Sven Panne <svenpanne at>:
> [...] let's see how the installation from source continues on an x64 Linux...

After the missing hptool sources have been copied manually, seems to have completed successfully. But I'm a bit
clueless how to proceed from that point: What I actually want is a
complete installation of the HP under a given prefix. The stuff below
haskell-platform-2014.2.0.0/build/target looks almost like that, but
with a prefix of /usr/local. Would it be OK to just copy this? How can
I change the prefix? The README doesn't describe this AFAICT.

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