Planning a Haskell Platfrom Release Candidate this weekend

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Mon Jul 21 04:06:15 UTC 2014

Where I'm at:

*-- General --*
[x] haddock linkage from HP packages to GHC core packages is broken

*    -- think I have this fixed.... checking in all contexts*

[x] decision on QuickCheck?

*    -- staying with 2.6, because 2.7 added a dep on a package not in the

*-- Source Tarball --*
[x] missing scripts
[x] missing os-extras in hptool/src

*    -- both done*

*-- Mac --*
[x] start.html needs a once over updating

*    -- done*

[-] uninstall-hs should clean out /usr/local/bin symlinks (as it does with

*   -- turns out it already was... long post on why it is hard to clean out
installations that are configured to install directly into common shared
directories (like /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/share/man)*

[?] activate-hs should add -P for clang pre-processing
*    - bug found in Cabal*
*    - adding -P for all preprocessing will suck*
*    - no other good fix*
[-] ensuring that the MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.6 is set

*    -- decided to defer this to later - just need to remember to do this
by hand before starting the build*

*-- Windows --*
[ ] GLUT issue in ghci

*    -- no updates*

*-- Website --*
[ ] templatize info on pages
[ ] add build mode to bptool Main
    - needs to take file of downloads & hashes

*-- this can all wait until after the RC*

​The issue with pre-processing is a big one - and one not easily solvable.
It has already bit developers (bos posted about it recently), and it will
bite again.

I'm also feeling at a loss to actually test the Platform. Normally I do a
big system build, like Pandoc, or my own Plush to prove that a wider
variety of developer packages will compile with the platform. Alas, none of
those will compile with 7.8.3 and this platform. [for the curious: texmath
ends up in a compilation that never ends during the profiling lib build,
and Plush relies on warp, which puts it into it's own cabal hell...)

- Mark
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