Status of Haskell Platform 2014.2.0.0

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Tue Jul 15 13:44:45 UTC 2014

As per comments:


   - hashable can be bumped to
   - network can be bumped to
   - unordered-containers can be bumped to
   - happy bumped to 1.19.4
   - bump cabal-install to


   - Not sure if you want QuickCheck 2.7.5 rather than 2.6 -- cc'ing
   QuickCheck devs: Would they like to weigh in?

Not Changed:

   - attoparsec will remain at version, as newer attoparsec
   depends on the new package scientific
   - cabal-install will stay at the 1.18 level (not bump to 1.20.*) because
   it needs to remain in sync with 7.8.3's Cabal package, Johan has been great
   about back-porting fixes to 1.18 for this reason.
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