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Wed Jul 9 16:10:50 UTC 2014

Well done!

On Wednesday, 9 July 2014, Mark Lentczner <mark.lentczner at> wrote:

> The status is: *Good-to-Go!*
> The new-build branch of Haskell Platform is in pretty great shape:
>    - One consistent build system using Shake
>    - Builds source tarball
>    - Builds linux distribution tarball
>    - Builds Mac installer
>    - Builds in one command line from a GHC bindist to end-user installer!
>    - We have a running travis-ci instance
>    <>* (currently red as we
>    await a 7.8.3 bindist)*
> As soon as GHC 7.8.3 is out, I'll be running an alpha (or is this rc1?) or
> Haskell Platform (well, after I build the bindists for GHC for Mac... so
> it'll be a few hours on my puny MacBook Air...)
> *Shout out to: Yitzchak Gale, Bob Ipoloito, and Randy Polen for lots of
> help with the new build; Carter Schonwald for Mac and GHC build issues;
> Robert Lefkowitz for wiki and issue converstion (now on github!); Neil
> Mitchell for consultations on Shake.*
> The platform is now in a place that we'll be able to turn it much more
> quickly. This means we can track GHC release more closely, handle important
> library fixes when needed. And more importantly, spend time improving the
> platform itself, rather than sapping our energies build it!
> What you need to do now:
>    - Check the version list in Release2014.hs
>    <>
>    - If you see a problem with the version of your library, let us know
>    - If you are a packager for one of the linux distros - please try out
>    the build and see how it works, and how it meshes with your packaging
>    process for the distro. Come talk to me if you need help or brainstorming
>    w.r.t. to the new-build.
>    - If you have a Mac, you can try building the platform.
> *Build note: The repo is in sync with head of GHC 7.8 and we've been
> working with bindists we build ourselves off of head. If you want to try
> out the HP build with a 7.8.2 bindist, you'll need to change the version of
> base back to*
> What you can do to help
> There are few aspects in progress, but none of these are show stoppers:
>    - Windows installer using the new build being written by Randy Polen.
>    (Existing windows build from the source tarball is still possible) -
>    contact him if you'd like to help.
>    - Platform website is being revamped by Erin Depew in concert with the
>    general Haskell redesign by Chris Done
>    - Platform website is template generated... but the pages haven't been
>    templated much. if you're interested, e-mail and I can supply more
>    details and hook up interested parties and Erin.
>    - The travis-ci instance is enabled for Mac builds, but isn't
>    configured to do them right.
>    - There is a TO DO small task list in BUILD-NEW
>    <> in
>    the repo - I'd like to see the As and Bs done. If you want to tackle one
>    just do it and send me a merge request.
>    - Many people have asked for a "server edition" of the platform w/o
>    packages that don't make sense on a server (such as the OpenGL stuff). The
>    new-build could easily be extended to do this now.
>    - I'd love to see a version of Simon Hengel's Haskell Platform
>    Versions Comparison Chart
>    <> as
>    part of the platform website. Now that it is templatized and the raw data
>    is in Haskell, it should be possible. (I have prior year's data in the
>    right format, just not checked in, ask me...)
>    - It would be wonderful if we could get tests incorporated: Both
>    running the tests that are part of the included libraries, and perhaps some
>    "big integration tests" (is compiling Pandoc enough?). It would be great if
>    these tests can be run "in-place" after the platform is built (for
>    travis-ci), and if they could be run on the target machine
>    (post-installation).
> — Mark "is it July already?" Lentczner
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