RFC: include a cabal-install executable in future GHC releases

Herbert Valerio Riedel hvr at gnu.org
Wed Jan 22 11:55:53 UTC 2014

On 2014-01-22 at 10:08:02 +0100, Henning Thielemann wrote:
> Am 22.01.2014 09:57, schrieb Herbert Valerio Riedel:
>> On 2014-01-21 at 20:22:48 +0100, Ganesh Sittampalam wrote:
>>> I feel this blurs the roles of GHC and the Platform.
>> IMO, that's a weak argument, as the roles are already blurred:
>> GHC comes with `haddock`, `hp2ps`, and `hpc` executables which could be
>> provided by the HP instead.
> At least haddock is bound to the specific GHC version.

When I look at http://hackage.haskell.org/package/haddock, there are
multiple versions, 2.12.0 and the 4 versions of 2.13.*, which are all
declared to work with ghc == 7.6.*, that is, 5 haddock versions
compatible with 3 released versions of GHC 7.6. So while it may be bound
to a major version of the GHC API, haddock can obviously have more
releases than GHC has releases (otherwise it could just carry GHC's
version), and can therefore be updated.

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