A modest proposal (re the Platform)

Andres Löh andres.loeh at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 08:29:57 UTC 2014


I can understand the motivation of this proposal, but I'm slightly worried:

(1) I haven't really followed the discussion, but it was my
understanding that the currently released platform requires manual
patching on MacOS X, whereas the new one wouldn't? If so, would it not
be wise to release as soon as possible?

(2) Simply because GHC 7.8 is itself so long delayed and so full of
new features, I think it's realistic to assume that quite a few
library glitches will appear even after it's released. Also, GHC bugs
may be found only after formal release (despite all the hammering, the
use of GHC pre release isn't quite comparable with the amount of
testing it gets afterwards; IMHO, there might very well be need for a
GHC 7.8.2). I'm all for trying to get an HP based on GHC 7.8 out as
possible, but how soon would that actually happen, realistically?
Sooner than 6 months from now?


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