A modest proposal (re the Platform)

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at gmail.com
Sun Jan 19 23:14:37 UTC 2014

Looks like GHC 7.8 is pretty near release.

And while I know that we really like to have a GHC out for a while, and
perhaps see the .1 release, before we incorporate it into the Platform,
this GHC, while including many new and anticipated things, seems pretty
well hammered on.

Combine that with the now two-month late (all my fault) HP release for
2013.4.0.0 isn't slated to really have all that much new in it, in part
because it is the same GHC as the last HP release.

Now - it would really look foolish, and taken poorly (methinks) if we
release a HP this month - only to have GHC 7.8 release early Feb. Folks
would really be head scratching, and wondering about the platform.

SO - I'm proposing ditching the now late 2013.4.0.0 (I admit, I'm finding
it hard to get excited by it!) and instead move right to putting out
2014.2.0.0 - aimed for mid-March to mid-April.

This release would have several big changes:

   - GHC 7.8
   - New shake based build for the Platform
   - Support for validation via package tests
   - Support for a "server variant" (no OpenGL or other GUI stuff if we had
   - Automated version info w/historical version matrix page
   - Several significant packages: I'd like to see Aeson at the very least,
   updated OpenGL stuff

I'd also propose changes for the Mac build (though this is obviously

   - Built from GHC source, not dist. release. (guarantees consistent
   - Only 64bit (I know, controversial...)

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