Fwd: [Haskell-cafe] Filing bugs for haskell packages

Niklas Haas haskell at nand.wakku.to
Fri Feb 7 21:49:17 UTC 2014

	<CE3DBD0D-16CC-41C9-9F93-8739EE593A3C at cis.upenn.edu>
	<52F4E749.2070900 at nh2.me> <1391782771.2859.37.camel at chi.nicolast.be>
	<20140208081946.ed24903f9152bd862ce53de4 at mega-nerd.com>
> +1
> The libraries list has uses for discssion of library related issues
> but is not really a good venue for reporting bugs. We should probably
> use a *bug tracker* for bugs.
> Erik


I'd also like to firmly request it be possible to submit bugs *without*
registering first. I lost count of how many bugs I've neglected to
submit just because I didn't want to go through the hassle of creating
an account first.

I really like a model like github's issues page, where you can at best
just type a simple description of the bug. I think it's more important
to enable people to make bug reports without hassle, than it is to force
people to categorize them correctly etc. first.

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