Proposal: add Control.Exception.SomeAsyncException

Merijn Verstraaten merijn at
Wed Feb 5 18:46:02 UTC 2014

On Feb 5, 2014, at 19:41 , Evan Laforge wrote:
> But I think even with AsyncException as its own class you can't say
> "everything except", so it still requires an explicit rethrow, yes?
> E.g.:
>            case Exception.fromException exc of
>                Just (exc :: Exception.AsyncException) -> Exception.throwIO exc
>                Nothing -> return ()

Well, you can do:

newtype AllBut e = AllBut SomeException deriving (Show, Typeable)
instance forall e . Exception e => Exception (AllBut e) where
    fromException x = case fromException x :: Maybe e of
        Nothing -> Just (AllBut x)
        Just _ -> Nothing

This lets you write "foo `catch` \(AllBut _ :: AllBut AsyncException) -> doStuff", which will catch everything *except* async exceptions.

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