Resurrecting yarr

Dominic Steinitz dominic at
Sat Dec 27 09:24:04 UTC 2014

I am trying to resurrect the yarr package ( Thanks to all the very helpful folk in the Haskell community it now compiles under 7.8.3 and the tests run apart from

> ~/Dropbox/Private/yarr/tests $ ./canny 1 50 100 tree.png 
> luminosity        8.41 ms,  5.33 tics per index
> canny: Oops!  Entered absent arg $dVector1{v a6vi} [lid] Vector{tc rrL}
>                           (VecList{tc rrR} (S{tc ruZ} Z{tc ruI}))
>                           (VecList{tc rrR}
>                              (S{tc ruZ}
>                                 (S{tc ruZ} (S{tc ruZ} (S{tc ruZ} (S{tc ruZ} Z{tc ruI})))))
>                              (Word{(w) tc 32R}
>                               -> Word{(w) tc 32R} -> IO{tc 32I} Word{(w) tc 32R}))
> canny: thread blocked indefinitely in an MVar operation

Now according to the notes left by the original developer, this used to work under ghc 7.6.1.

What is this message telling me?

Let me know if I should provide more information.

Many thanks

Dominic Steinitz
dominic at

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