Proposal: relax type of asProxyTypeOf

Oliver Charles ollie at
Sun Dec 7 12:55:42 UTC 2014

Daniel Wagner <dmwit at> writes:

> In base, the new Data.Proxy module has this handy function:
> asProxyTypeOf :: a -> Proxy a -> a
> asProxyTypeOf = const
> This is nice for restricting the phantom type variable of a Proxy that
> you have lying around. This use could be generalized to other types with
> phantom type variables by making the type slightly more polymorphic:
> asProxyTypeOf :: a -> proxy a -> a
> Since phantom type variables are a very common pattern, this would make
> asProxyTypeOf more generally useful.
> Possible downside: it may be that somebody used asProxyTypeOf to
> restrict both the phantom type and the "Proxy" type, and that the more
> polymorphic type for asProxyTypeOf would cause that code to break. I
> find this pretty unlikely. Perhaps the folks behind the "tagged" package
> could mention whether this complaint ever came up when it made a similar
> generalization.

+1, this looks sensible to me.

- Ollie
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