GHC HEAD vs Hackage, panic-free edition

Bryan O'Sullivan bos
Fri Oct 11 18:27:08 UTC 2013

Thanks to the efforts of the Simons, we now have a GHC that does not panic
on any package that it's able to try compiling.

Since the last report, the number of packages on Hackage has increased by
1.8%, from 5564 to 5604, but the number of failing builds has dropped by
4.2%, from 1186 to 1136. This is partly due to a few widely-used packages
(e.g. test-framework) being updated to build with HEAD.

Here are the top 20 packages that caused a build failure in a package that
depended upon them, with the count of the number of failed builds next to
each. I have highlighted in *red+bold* package versions that are out of
date, typically where the depending-upon package simply has upper bounds on
its dependencies that are too strict.

For packages that are listed in blue, the versions that are breaking are
the latest available. I've CCed the authors of said packages on this email.
Folks, please fix your stuff!

     60 *network-**2.4.0.*0
     63 *primitive-0.4.1*
     65 Tensor- (Typeable problems)
     74 *array-*
     98 *convertible-*
     99 MissingH- (broken by a change to unix package)
    102 yesod-core- (
    104 *HTTP-4000.0.7*
    121 *mtl-*
    126 process- (unsafePerformIO)
    138 glib-0.12.4 (Setup.hs broken by recent Cabal changes)
    166 MonadCatchIO-mtl- (exception problems)
    207 MonadCatchIO-transformers- (exception problems)
    231 *containers-*
    231 OpenGLRaw- (a problem with my system, ignore)
    242 enumerator-0.4.19 (already pinged jmillikin)
    403 *transformers-*
    410 cairo-0.12.4 (Setup.hs broken by recent Cabal changes)
    499 *template-haskell-*
    868 *unix-*
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