Proposal: GHC.Generics marked UNSAFE for SafeHaskell

Ryan Newton rrnewton
Mon Oct 7 20:18:02 UTC 2013

 My understanding is that the

> proposed changes to ghc/Generic would mean that all data used with
> LVish would have to expose it's implementation to everybody through
> the derived Generic instance.

Either that or they would have use TrustWorthy to mark a module containing
custom equality/ordering operations as safe according to our definition,
and take the proof obligations that come with that.

In fact, this is what we would plan to do to "opt in" ADTs like bytestring,
vector, containers.

We can trust as many people/libraries as we like, but we want to retain the
ability to run untrusted code with the right set of flags to ensure that it
can't break our library.  (And that's what we can't do without locking down
the Generic backdoor.)
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