Free monads

John Wiegley johnw
Thu Oct 3 21:18:51 UTC 2013

>>>>> Andres L?h <andres at> writes:

> I'll follow Simon's lead, and ask a similar question with a similar
> motivation. I'm going to talk about free monads at the upcoming Haskell
> eXchange next Wednesday. I'll not limit myself to a particular library, and
> I'm open to related approaches (e.g. "operational") as well.

One way I think about is: for the same reason you might want to pass around a
list of numbers, rather than a sum or a length -- i.e., so that consume those
numbers in multiple, different ways -- so too you might want to pass a list of
"effects" (do this, do this, then do that) rather than a single, composite
effect.  In this sense, the free monad is just a free monoid in the category
of endofunctors, and offers the same utility.

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