aeson and dlist in HP 2013.4.0.0

Sean Leather sean.leather at
Mon Nov 18 08:04:47 UTC 2013

On Sun, Nov 17, 2013 at 10:20 PM, Mark Lentczner wrote:

> Thoughts?

I'm fine with any option regarding dlist.

Just to update people on my planned changes for v0.6, here is the

* Maintenance and development taken over by Sean Leather
* Migrate repository from to
* Add `Eq`, `Ord`, `Read`, `Show`, `Alternative`, `Foldable`, `Traversable`
* Deprecate functions in favor of their type class equivalents: `concat`,
* Deprecate `DL`, `unDL` and add `apply` ([#4](
* Stop supporting `base < 2`
* Update tests to run `cabal test` using parallel QuickCheck (`pqc`)
* Add scripts for running `hpc`
* Update documentation

Other than minor documentation updates, all of these changes are
implemented. I have no further plans for v0.6.

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