2013.4.0.0 proposal - getting to alpha

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at gmail.com
Sun Nov 17 19:55:27 UTC 2013

Here is the current status of the 2013.4.0.0 proposal.

*Outstanding Issues*
We have a few decisions outstanding, and I'd like to have these decided by
Nov. 23 (one week).

   - fgl - waiting to hear if Ivan will have new version ready in time.
   - aeson / dlist - there are serveral options -- I'll start a separate
   thread on this topic.
   - alex / happy - I'd like to hear an "okay" from the maintainers on the
   major version bump

*Current Proposed Versions*
*GHC 7.6.3* -- same as last time (erroneously listed as a version bump last

*Packages with no changes:*
        fgl, haskell-src, html, HUnit,
        mtl, parsec, QuickCheck, random,
        regex-base, regex-compat, regex-posix,
        split, stm, text, transformers,
        xhtml, zlib

*Packages held back:*
        cgi: 3001.1.7.5 (3001.1.8.4* requires MonadCatchIO-mtl)*

*Packages with minor version bumps:*
        HTTP: 4000.2.8 → 4000.2.9
        network: →
        parallel: →
        syb: 0.4.0 → 0.4.1
        unordered-containers: →
        vector: →
        primitive: →

*Packages with major version bumps:*
        case-insensitive: →
        hashable: →

        GLUT: →
        GLURaw: →
        OpenGL: →
        OpenGLRaw: →

        alex: 3.0.5 → 3.1.0 *pending okay*
        happy: 1.18.10 → 1.19.0  *pending okay*

        Cabal: 1.16.0 → *consensus seems to be that this will be
        cabal-install: →

*Platform Packagers:*
This is likely to be the last HP source release that contains all the ad
hoc scripts for packaging. I canvased the group last time and as I recall,
everyone said they just used the .cabal file - and no one used the scripts.
I plan to replace them with a new tool built for the needs of the release,
and ditch this old set of scripts. If you need 'em, speak now, or forever
hold your peace!

— Mark
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