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Am Sonntag, den 10.11.2013, 08:11 -0800 schrieb Mark Lentczner:

> Cabal:
> The Cabal 1.18 release was a major new release, including the very
> very useful sandbox feature. This would require shipping a different
> Cabal lib than the version shipped with the included GHC. I'm not sure
> of the implications of doing this - in particular, whether we would
> have to ship two Cabal packages or just the later.
>         Cabal: 1.16.0 →
>         cabal-install: →

the Debian ghc package ships Cabal, and necessarily the version that
comes with GHC. We could introduce a separate haskell-cabal package, but
I’m also unsure about the implications, so I have been flinching from
uploading Cabal-1.18 to Debian.

I’d feel more comfortable with this boot-library version deviation if
someone who knows the interaction of GHC (the compiler), ghc (the
librarY) and Cabal better can comment on it.


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