The numeric c types are (effectively) integral, too.

David Virebayre dav.vire+haskell at
Thu Mar 28 13:20:35 CET 2013

2013/3/28 Jason Dusek <jason.dusek at>

> One way to think of it is, CTime is time and should follow the
> rules of the time. Another way is, CTime is a C type and should
> follow the rules of C types.  The latter perspective seems more
> appropriate for Foreign.C.* (we are likely to seek out some
> other module for modelling time).

I agree that the latter perspective seems more appropriate, however,
according to Wikipedia :

ISO C defines time_t as an arithmetic type, but does not specify any
particular type, range, resolution, or encoding for it. Also
unspecified are the meanings of arithmetic operations applied to time

So, even if, in C, you may be able to apply arithmetic operations to a
time_t, you can't be sure it makes sense, so you shouldn't normally do
it. Why then, make it easier in Foreign.C to do something meaningless
? That's just begging to shoot yourself in the foot.

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