Making monads from transformed monads

Henning Thielemann lemming at
Fri Mar 22 17:31:13 CET 2013

In a library I want to give a base monad and allow the user to choose a 
monad transformer. However, the Monad.Trans.Class from transformers is 
not strong enough, because it cannot warrant that a transformed monad is 
a monads itself.

I have appended a module that implements a class with methods 'point' 
and 'bind' that correspond to 'return' and '>>='. A backward-compatible 
solution would be to add the class as subclass of current 
Monad.Trans.Class. This is how I implemented my proof-of-concept. A 
cleaner solution for the long run would be to add the methods 'point' 
and 'bind' directly to the current Monad.Trans.Class.

Is there any interest in that extension or modification?
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