Haskell Platform 2013.2 Kick-Off

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 16:38:47 CET 2013

*All: *
It's Haskell Platform season again! Here's the time line the 2013.2 release:

   - *Today* — Announce start of process, call for proposals for additions
   and changes
   - *March 25th* — Call for proposals ends (no more proposals considered)
   - *April 8th* — Proposals decided, Initial version list
   - *April 22th* — First candidates
   - *April 29th* — Open issues resolved, Second candidates
   - *May 6th* — Final release candidates

*Library Maintainers:*
Beginning of April I'll be e-mailing all library maintainers asking for the
version to include in this release of HP. This is a good time to get what
you want tested against 7.6.2 and up on Hackage. Even if the answer "the
latest version, x.y.z" or "same as last time, x.y.z", I'd still like to
hear from you with the version number when I e-mail. This time around I'll
be trying to run cabal tests for packages if they exist.

The state of proposals hasn't changed much since my message from Feb. 9th,
(see copy below). What is needed ASAP is:

   - *hashable* - we need a proposal for this - someone?
   - *OpenGL *&* GLUT* - I understand from Jason that he's agreed to do the
   module re-work the group asked for. We don't need a proposal, but I'd like
   to hear from Jason how's it goin'.

I'd still like to see proposals for *unordered-containers*, and *asson*,
but not essential.

*Distro packagers:*
I'll be improving the scripts some this round. I'm looking to a)
incorporate tests from packages that have them, b) considering building GHC
from source rather than using the built distribution (for Mac OS X). Let me
know what you need from the scripts.

— Mark "Chief Haskell Gift-Wrapper" Lentczner

Proposal details, from Feb. 9th e-mail:

Proposals in flight for 2013.2:

   - *case-insensitive:* looking good - will require *hashable*
   - *attoparsec: *looking good
   - *JuicyPixels:* people like the idea of having a library like this one,
   perhaps even this one, but there is concern that this API hasn't baked
   - *OpenGL *&* GLUT:* there is a proposal to remove these. The HP
   versions are very stale, and the new versions would require inclusion of
   packages* ObjectName*, *StateVar* and *Tensor* which has not met with
   approval. I would like to see those three packages removed, the modules
   folded back into OpenGL, and put under Graphics.Rendering.OpenGL.

Proposals we need for 2013.2:

   - *hashable:* required by case-insensitive, no proposal yet

Proposals I'd like to see for 2013.2:

   - *unordered-containers: *though, perhaps Johan is going to meld that
   into*containers*? I'd like to see the development plan for this (and *
   hashable*) settled.
   - *aeson:* we need this in the platform, as JSON has become ubiquitous.
   It requires settling *hashable* and *unordered-containers*.

Proposals that will take some more thought, hence not likely for 2013.2:

   - *test-framework* & friends: these require a number of other packages
   like *ansi-terminal* and *hostname*. I suspect they should all just go
   in, but it will take some time to review and prep all that.
   - *criterion* & *statistics:* both require a number of smaller packages
   we don't have like*erf* and *math-functions*. Again, will take time to
   sort out.

Areas still looking for good candidates (if these are simple could make it
this round):

   - simple db like dbm or sqlite support
   - file utils for common file system manipulations
   - logging
   - 2D graphics - perhaps gloss and/or diagrams?
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