Taking over maintenance for the NetSNMP library

Pavlo Kerestey pavlo at kerestey.net
Fri Mar 8 13:56:07 CET 2013


we want to publish a chage to the NetSNMP library that would introduce a
more ressource friendly snmpBulkWalk binding. We have contacted the current
maintainer with the patch but did not get any answer since one week. The
library was last updated in 2009, last compiled with ghc 7.0, and looks
like it is abandoned.

The function in question would be:
snmpBulkWalk :: Hostname -> Community -> OID -> IO (Either String

The rest of the library would stay the same for now.

After consulting #haskell and #hackage irc channels we've got a suggestion
to take over the package and bump the version to 0.2.* so that if the
original developer wants to pick it up later, we can do a merge or fix the
bugs in the current 0.1.* branch without breaking anyone's code.

We would wait for another week with this and if there are no objections,
then we will do as suggested. We would like to publish the library on
github as well, so that its becomes easier for the others to help.


Pavlo Kerestey
Software Engineer at Global Access Internet Services GmbH
https://kerestey.net | http://www.global.de
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