new-typeable, new cast?

Ben Millwood haskell at
Wed Jul 31 17:06:15 CEST 2013

On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 09:38:06AM +0100, Richard Eisenberg wrote:
>As for the instances' behavior being different from GHC's generated 
>versions, I think the lazier ones (as implemented) are probably more 

My instinct is to disagree. It's like how case with a single pattern is 
still strict -- I expect (==) to do some work even if in principle it 
doesn't have to. And indeed if () behaves that way I would expect Proxy 
to do the same.

I'm not critically affected by the decision one way or the other though, 
so don't disrupt anything on my account.

>If I don't hear otherwise by the end of the day, I'll push these 
>On 2013-07-31 00:35, Edward Kmett wrote:
>>I would really want to keep asProxyTypeOf around as it is commonly
>>used and has no other plausible home within tagged. 
>>reproxy is quite negotiable.
>>Ever since its signature was generalized a version or two ago in
>>tagged, it has started to feel quite silly.
>>If I move
>>coerce :: (Functor f, Contravariant f) => f a -> f b
>>coerce = contramap absurd . fmap absurd -- using absurd from 'void'
>> -- or equivalently:  coerce = contramap (const ()) . fmap (const ())
>>from lens up into the contravariant package, then the role that
>>function plays can be replaced entirely with that more general purpose
>>combinator in "user land" without needing any funny looking functions
>>in base.
>>Proxy is both Contravariant and a normal covariant Functor as it
>>doesn't use its argument, just like Const m. reproxy originally
>>witnessed this fact just for Proxy, but that fact in its broader
>>generality has since been exploited to make getters and folds in lens,
>>so reproxy is basically just residue of an old approach.
>>On Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 6:44 PM, Shachaf Ben-Kiki <shachaf at>
>>>On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 1:23 AM, José Pedro Magalhães
>>><jpm at> wrote:
>>>>Thanks for bringing this up again. This was started in my
>>>data-proxy branch
>>>>of base,
>>>>but never really finished. We definitely want to have this in
>>>7.8, and I
>>>>think there's
>>>>only some minor finishing work to do (check if we have all the
>>>instances we
>>>>document, etc.). Perhaps you can look through what's there
>>>already, and what
>>>>think is missing? I'm more than happy to accept contributing
>>>patches too :-)
>>>I'm looking at the current state of Data.Proxy in base (it looks
>>>Richard merged data-proxy into master) and it looks pretty good
>>>instance-wise. Issues I'm aware of:
>>>* It looks like there's a SafeHaskell issue -- should this be
>>>Trustworthy? See [1]
>>>* tagged's Data.Proxy defines some useful functions that aren't
>>>present in base. Two of them can move into tagged's Data.Tagged,
>>>the other two should probably go in base's Data.Proxy. In
>>>asProxyTypeOf :: a -> proxy a -> a
>>>asProxyTypeOf = const
>>>reproxy :: proxy s -> Proxy t
>>>reproxy _ = Proxy
>>>When these are fixed, tagged can probably shuffle a couple of
>>>functions around and then use base's Data.Proxy rather than
>>>its own module (for GHC ≥ 7.7).
>>>(By the way: Some instances are slightly different from what GHC
>>>derive -- e.g. «_ == _ = True» is different from «Proxy == Proxy
>>>True», which is ()'s Eq behavior. I think this is OK but I wanted
>>>mention it.)
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