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Mon Jul 29 16:27:23 CEST 2013

Great, works like a charm! I wasn't aware of this new function (I just upgraded Haskell to get it). I love how it works nearly identical for Data.Map and Data.IntMap. Thanks all!

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> Dear Sebastiaan,
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>> Dear libraries,
>> for Data.Map, I needed a "unionWithMaybe" function for my sparse system of linear equations (unionWithMaybe :: Ord k => (a -> a -> Maybe a) -> Map k a -> Map k a -> Map k a). My usage:
>> (.+.) = Map.unionWithMaybe (\a b->case a+b of {0->Nothing;s->Just s})
>> (I do not think Map.unionWithMaybe can be expressed in terms of other functions without loosing performance, so I recon it would be a nice addition to the library.)
>> I built this function myself by modifying the Data.Map implementation, but it would be nice to see it in the official version of Data.Map.
>> Here is the file including the modifications I made to it. Feel free to use it, I will agree to whatever license you need to make it public.
> The containers version 5.0 (bundled with GHC 7.6) added function
> mergeWithKey, which is intended for creating various combining
> functions, see
> You can define unionWithMaybe as
>  unionWithMaybe f m1 m2 = mergeWithKey (const f) id id m1 m2
> We are most likely not going to add unionWithMaybe to the API of
> containers, because you can define it efficiently using mergeWithKey.
> Cheers,
> Milan Straka

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