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Sat Jul 20 22:50:56 CEST 2013

Are we going to rename Control.Monad.void to something else, then? It
really doesn't make sense to use the word to mean "the unit return type"
there, but then use the exact same word for "Data.Void" to mean something
else here.

Sorry I wasn't very clear; when I said "we live in a C world," I was
thinking of Control.Monad.void, which is definitely Haskell, but the naming
of which is clearly C-inspired.

-- Dan Burton

On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 1:53 AM, wren ng thornton <wren at freegeek.org> wrote:

> On 7/17/13 3:48 PM, David Luposchainsky wrote:
> > +1 in genereal. A few remarks:
> I'm also +1 for the proposal.
> > 1. We don't live in a C world.
> Agreed. It's bad enough that C taught people to believe that "void" means
> the unit return type. But C aficionados will have to relearn all their
> terminology anyways when coming to Haskell. I don't see how renaming the
> Void type would really help them.
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