Haskell Platform proposal: Add case-insensitive

Simon Hengel sol at typeful.net
Sun Jan 27 00:46:45 CET 2013

On Sat, Jan 26, 2013 at 08:38:44PM +0000, Ben Millwood wrote:
> One thing I would regard as nice-to-have and worth mentioning while
> we have the review process here: a ChangeLog with (at least) the API
> changes to each version documented.

I second this.

Would it make sense to extend the package requirements [1] with:

 - Have a changelog
 - Have tests
 - Have an entry for bug-reports and source-repository in the cabal file


[1] http://trac.haskell.org/haskell-platform/wiki/AddingPackages#Packagerequirements

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