Proposal: splitting the network package

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at
Wed Jan 9 13:23:38 CET 2013

> Text.URI includes a few functions for parsing (key,value) pairs for
> CGI query parameters, which iirc is not actually part of the URI
> specification, but rather part of the CGI conventions. I think these
> query parameters are better handled by the "cgi" package, or by any of
> the web frameworks (Yesod, Snap etc.).

Also the uri package depends on the utf8-string package. Since
Network.URI is used in cabal-install, this extra dependency may make
bootstrapping harder.

> I think the only sensible way to use the "uri" package name would be
> to replace it (ie. remove Text.URI and add Network.URI).

Does anybody know Voker57 and/or JaroslavGridin?


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