Proposal: splitting the network package

Kazu Yamamoto ( 山本和彦 ) kazu at
Fri Feb 1 06:53:11 CET 2013

> * Release a new version of network (1.5) that does not include the Network.URI
> module.
> * Create a network-uri package that uses conditionals in the cabal file.
>     * If it's compiled against network version 1.4 or earlier, it doesn't
> provide any modules.
>     * If it's compiled against network 1.5 or later, it provides the
> Network.URI module.

I don't understand benefits of this plan. Consider another simpler
plan: we just provide two packages:
  - "network" without Network.URI
  - "network-uri" which includes Network.URI only (without the

What is the difference Michael's one and this?

In other words, what does Michael's one contribute from the backward
compatibility point of view?


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