Adding a finalizer to a TVar

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Sun Dec 22 20:10:54 UTC 2013

On Dec 22, 2013 4:56 AM, "Sebastiaan Visser" <haskell at> wrote:
> Hi,
> Both MVar and IORef have specialized functions to attach a finalizer to
there inner identifiable (stable) reference cell. I happen to need
something similar for TVars, but that one doesn't seem to exist.
> The documentation of System.Mem.Weak tells me:
>  "Finalizers can be used reliably for types that are created explicitly
and have identity, such as IORef and MVar. However, to place a finalizer on
one of these types, you should use the specific operation provided for that
type, e.g. mkWeakIORef and addMVarFinalizer respectively (the
non-uniformity is accidental). These operations attach the finalizer to the
primitive object inside the box (e.g. MutVar# in the case of IORef),
because attaching the finalizer to the box itself fails when the outer box
is optimised away by the compiler."
> Does it make sense to add a similar function to the STM package?
> What I do now is hack around it by adding an IORef next to my TVar which
I attach the finalizer to. Because my outer datatype is opaque I expect
both variables to go out of scope and get garbage collected simultaneously.
As you might expect, this isn't a very satisfiable solution.
> Thanks,
> Sebastiaan

I needed something similar a while ago, and wrote this (I think it's
correct, haven't had any problems at  any rate):

> {-# LANGUAGE MagicHash #-}
> {-# LANGUAGE UnboxedTuples #-}
> {-# OPTIONS_GHC -Wall #-}
> module Weak.TVar (
>   mkWeakTVar
> , mkWeakTVarKey
> ) where
> import GHC.Conc.Sync (TVar (..))
> import GHC.Weak
> import GHC.Base
> mkWeakTVar :: TVar a -> Maybe (IO ()) -> IO (Weak (TVar a))
> mkWeakTVar t f = mkWeakTVarKey t t f
> -- | Create a Weak reference keyed off a TVar.
> mkWeakTVarKey :: TVar b -> a -> Maybe (IO ()) -> IO (Weak a)
> mkWeakTVarKey (TVar r#) v (Just f) = IO $ \s ->
>       case mkWeak# r# v f s of (# s1, w #) -> (# s1, Weak w #)
> mkWeakTVarKey (TVar r#) v Nothing = IO $ \s ->
>       case mkWeakNoFinalizer# r# v s of (# s1, w #) -> (# s1, Weak w #)

Perhaps something similar would work for you until such a function is added?

(FWIW I support adding this function to the stm package)

John L.
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