Workflow for maintaining Haskell platform packages

Henning Thielemann schlepptop at
Mon Aug 12 09:49:35 CEST 2013

Am 12.08.2013 09:35, schrieb Sven Panne:
> 2013/8/12 Jason Dagit <dagitj at>:
>> Good question. I tend to delay the version number bump in the .cabal
>> file until I know how big it needs to be (according to the package
>> version policy, or PVP). Then again, I'm fine with handling this in
>> other ways.
> Delaying the bump because of the PVP makes some sense, but IMHO it
> makes local development a mess with several packages having the same
> package number. Therefore I've bumped the version numbers on GitHub
> already, incrementing the major number, because I now there will be
> some non-backwards compatible changes.

I usually increment the version number directly after a Hackage upload 
by a minimal version increment, e.g. -> If I make 
bigger changes later, I increment the version again as much as necessary 
to meet the PVP.

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