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I used to Data.Graph in 'ad', before we hand-rolled an topSort for our
particular acyclic case in response to it running out of stack space on
large graphs.

w.r.t. the original question, I think the behavior of Graph equality is
correct given the model used. There are observable differences between the
two graphs, even though the strict traditional notion of a graph doesn't
distinguish on the ordering of the successors of a field, the structure
used by Graph does and cannot sensibly be made not to without sacrificing
performance needlessly for the vast majority of users. There are other
observable differences, e.g. changing array bounds that can affect equality
as well.


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> Milan Straka <fox <at>> writes:
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> > As far as I know, Data.Graph has not been given any attention in quite
> > some time. I do not know whether someone is using it.
> Cabal uses Data.Graph to represent the package dependency graph.
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