Proposal: Add setEnv/unsetEnv to "base"

Simon Hengel sol at
Wed Oct 3 20:14:22 CEST 2012

setting environment variables is possible on both POSIX and Windows
systems.  Currently this functionally is missing from
System.Environment; the "unix" package provides an implementation for
POSIX systems.

I propose to add setEnv/unsetEnv to System.Environment, so that it is
easier to write applications that behave the same on POSIX and Windows

I implemented both in a way, so that they behave exactly the same on
POSIX and Windows (modulo case sensitivity on Windows).

For now I prepared a standalone implementation [1] and corresponding
tests [2].  That implementation depends on the "unix" package.  If the
proposal is accepted, I will prepare a patch against "base" that
includes the relevant code from "unix".

Discussion Period: 2 Weeks



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