package versions tacked down, buildin' time....

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Mon Oct 1 17:03:28 CEST 2012

We've entered the build phase of the next Haskell Platform release,

   - *October 1st, 2012* - Proposals decided, Initial version list
   - *October 15th, 2012* - First candidates
   - *October 29th, 2012* - Open issues resolved, Second candidates
   - *November 5th, 2012* - Final release candidates
   - *November 12th, 2012*  - Release, Party

The* proposed package and version
*has been pushed to the
* branch of the repo.

*New packages:*

   - *async* -
   - *split* -
   - *vector* - 0.10

Note that vector will induce primitive 0.5, but we won't consider that part
of the platform, letting it just be pulled in by cabal during the build.
GHC already has several packages in this category (binary, ghc-prim), and I
hope to have a more consistent method of treating such packages next time

*If you are a packager or builder of HP releases:* Almost time to start
building. There is now yet a new bug in the Build.hs script, (it is very
sensitive to the exact version of cabal), and I'm working on it...

- Mark "mzero" Lentczner, Chef de la Release
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