Safe Haskell at the export symbol granularity?

Ryan Newton rrnewton at
Thu May 17 15:50:59 CEST 2012

Thanks David.

I'm glad to see it was discussed in the wiki.  (Btw, my 2 cents is that I
like the comment pragmas more than new keywords.)

The issue that I think doesn't make it into the wiki is of splitting, not
modules, but* type-classes*. That's where I think it becomes a more serious

Do you think a symbol-level Safe Haskell would be able to distinguish one
method of a type class as unsafe, while the others are safe?


P.S. In my two examples --
   There's only one "Acc" type and Accelerate's "fold" can pretty easily be
moved into an .Unsafe module, though it breaks the
one-giant-module-for-the-whole-programming-model thing it has going now.
 In the Par example on the other hand type classes are used to abstract
over different implementations, so that's where we run into the safe/unsafe
factoring problem.
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