Marcel Fourné marcel at
Mon May 7 10:29:07 CEST 2012

this is the first release of hF2, a new F(2^e) backend for
cryptographic code, to be found at
(or simply by "cabal install hF2")

This library is intended to be portable, somewhat timing-attack
resilient and it's interface is geared toward the use in the
"hecc" library (others may follow). 
Right now it uses unboxed Bit-Vectors (see: "bitvec") and with this the
"vector" library, which seems to be the focus of optimization in
array-like datastructures.

The datatype "F2" is intended to hide the implementation from it's
users, so repa/DPH or other implementations may provide parallelization
for the arrays - they are just so obviously parallel, but the first
prototype with this was painstakingly slow (...yes, that was my fault).

Have fun with this, I sure did!

Marcel Fourné
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