Proposal: refactor Arrow class

Twan van Laarhoven twanvl at
Mon Jul 16 18:14:05 CEST 2012

On 15/07/12 19:22, Ross Paterson wrote:
> I propose to refactor the Arrow class, so that GHC's arrow notation can
> be a bit more general.  (The module Control.Arrow itself would remain
> standard Haskell.)

When we start refactoring the Arrow class, might I humbly request that the 
`first` function and its friends be moved to a separate class that doesn't need 
`arr` or `premap`, but rather `arrIso`:

     class (Category a) => IsoArrow where
         arrIso :: Iso (->) b c -> a b c
         -- Laws:
         --   arrIso id = id
         --   arrIso f . arrIso g = arrIso (f . g)

     data Iso a b c = Iso { fw :: a b c, bw :: a c b }
     instance Category a => Category (Iso a) where ...

Then the Arrow classes would be:

     class (ProductCategory a, PreArrow a) => Arrow a where

     -- a symmetric monoidal category,
     -- with (,) as product and () as identity
     class IsoArrow a => ProductCategory a where
         (***)  :: a b c -> a d e -> a (b,d) (c,e)
         first  :: a b c -> a (b,d) (c,d)
         second :: a c d -> a (b,c) (b,d)
         swap   :: a (b,c) (c,b)
         swap = arrIso (Iso swap swap)
         -- Laws as usual:
         --    first f = f *** id
         --    second f = id *** f
         --    second f = first f . swap
         --    id *** id = id

The reason for wanting this class separate is that bijections (i.e. Iso) and 
lenses can be an instance of IsoArrow and ProductCategory, but not of Arrow or 
PreArrow. Similarly, we could have a class before ArrowChoice:

     class IsoArrow a => SumCategory a where
         (+++) :: a b c -> a d e -> a (Either b d) (Either c e)
         left  :: a b c -> a (Either b d) (Either c d)
         right :: a c d -> a (Either b c) (Either b d)
         left f  = f +++ id
         right f = id +++ f

Is either of these classes enough for the do/if sugar? Or do you also need (&&&) 
and (|||) for those?

     class ProductCategory a => DupCategory a where
         dup :: a b (b,b)
         (&&&) :: a b c -> a b d -> a b (c,d)
         f &&& g = (f *** g) . dup
         dup = id &&& id

     class SumCategory a => MergeCategory a where
         mergeEither :: a (Either b b) c
         (|||) :: a b d -> a c d -> a (Either b c) d
         f ||| g = mergeEither . (f +++ g)
         mergeEither = id ||| id

Or the injections/projections?

     class ProductCategory a => ProjectCategory a where
         fst :: a (b,c) b
         snd :: a (b,c) c
         snd = fst . swap
     class SumCategory a => InjectCategory a where
         left  :: a b (Either b c)
         right :: a c (Either b c)

It seems that MergeCategory is enough for if statements:

     if x then y else z = (z ||| y) . arrIso boolIso . x
         boolIso = Iso boolIn boolOut
         boolIn b = if b then Right () else Left ()
         boolOut = either (const False) (const True)

And I suspect that either ProductCategory, DupCategory or ProjectCategory is 
enough for do notation.

And for recursive bindings:

     class ProductCategory a => TracedMonoidalCategory a where
         loop :: a (b,u) (c,u) -> a b c

> in particularcomposing a PreArrow with a Functor yields another PreArrow

What do you mean by 'composition'? If you want to go the way of PreArrow, then 
PreIsoArrow would be:

     class IsoPreArrow a where
         isoPremap :: Iso (->) b c -> a b d -> a c d

which is still slightly weaker than either IsoArrow or PreArrow. Or perhaps

     class IsoProfunctor h where
         ilmap :: Iso (->) a b -> h b c -> h a c
         irmap :: Iso (->) b c -> h a b -> h a c

Of course IsoProfunctor is just another profunctor, categorically speaking. Just 
like SumCategory and ProductCategory are both monoidal categories. But you can't 
express that in Haskell 98/2010. That requires MPTCs:

     class Category g => Profunctor g h where
         lmap :: g a b -> h b c -> h a c
         rmap :: g b c -> h a b -> h a c
     class (Category h, Profunctor g h) => ArrowLift g h where
         arr :: g a b -> h a b
         arr = lmap f id

There are some interesting relations between the classes (read (==>) as 
     SumCategory && PreArrow ==> MergeCategory.
     ProductCategory && PostArrow ==> DupCategory,
where PostArrow is the other half of a Profunctor. Similarly:
     ProductCategory && PreArrow ==> ProjectCategory
     SumCategory && PostArrow ==> InjectCategory.
I also think that now
     (IsoPreArrow || IsoPostArrow) && Category ==> IsoArrow
     (PreArrow || PostArrow) && ProductCategory ==> Arrow
There is now a diamond in the superclasses of Arrow, one path goes through 
Profunctor/PreArrow, the other through IsoArrow.

Finally, it might be sensible to disconnect SumCategory from MergeCategory, 
since the latter has an instance for lenses, while the former does not. And are 
there any types that are an instance of DupCategory but not of ProductCategory? 
But maybe I am wanting too much at once. :)


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