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Thu Jul 5 12:38:43 CEST 2012

autogenerates various modules in vector. This is something that I've
wanted to do for a while anyway but finding the time is tricky. At the
moment, I have to manually update 4 modules whenever I add new function to
vector which is right at the "nuisance threshold". With Safe Haskell
support, I would have to touch more modules which will put the whole thing
way above the threshold. With autogeneration, I would hopefully only have
to touch one module in either case.

However, I'm still rather unconvinced by the whole thing for several
reasons. The main one really is that in the entire discussion so far
nobody has said that Safe Haskell support in vector is something they
actually need. When I asked if someone wanted to maintain the *.Safe
modules in vector, nobody was interested. This leads me to believe that
the demand for this is really low and that what time I have would be
better spent working on other features. I'm quite open to being proved
wrong here, though.


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