Proposal: refactor Arrow class

Ross Paterson ross at
Sun Jul 15 19:22:01 CEST 2012

I propose to refactor the Arrow class, so that GHC's arrow notation can
be a bit more general.  (The module Control.Arrow itself would remain
standard Haskell.)

Please comment by 12th August.

In detail, the proposal is to change the Arrow class from

  class Category a => Arrow a where
    arr :: (b -> c) -> a b c
    first :: a b c -> a (b,d) (c,d)
    -- various functions made methods to allow efficient specializations

by introducing a new class

  -- | A binary type constructor that is contravariant in its first argument,
  -- that is,
  --  * @'premap' id a = a@
  --  * @'premap' (f . g) a = 'premap' g ('premap' f a)@
  class PreArrow a where
    premap :: (b -> b') -> a b' c -> a b c

with instances

  instance PreArrow (->) where
    premap f g = g . f

  instance PreArrow (Kleisli m) where
    premap f (Kleisli g) = Kleisli (g . f)

and redefining the Arrow class as

  class (Category a, PreArrow a) => Arrow a where
    arr :: (b -> c) -> a b c
    arr f = premap f id

    first :: a b c -> a (b,d) (c,d)
    -- rest unchanged

The proposed PreArrow class has more instances than Arrow, in particular
composing a PreArrow with a Functor yields another PreArrow.

The principal client for the new class would be the arrow notation, as
implemented in GHC.  With this class, there would be a simple rule for
determining which instances are needed, based on the keywords used:

* all commands ("proc" and operator arguments) need PreArrow
  * "do" needs Arrow
    * "rec" needs ArrowLoop
  * "case" or "if" need ArrowChoice

One might object that the second argument of the PreArrow class is
superfluous, and this is just a complicated Contravariant class.  That is
true, and in semantic terms a covariant functor would be sufficient, but
Haskell's type system makes it impossible to have commonality between a
Contravariant class of unary type constructors and the Arrow class used
by arrow notation.

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